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After the election – What’s ahead for nonprofits?

After a long and contentious campaign season, Tuesday's election results revealed that Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.  There were many who rejoiced and others who felt deeply wounded. No matter where you stand, we see that throughout the country, emotions are running high. 

While I don’t yet know how the policies of a Trump administration will affect our sector, there is one thing that I know for sure - Michigan communities will look to us to remain the strong and solid organizations that they have always depended upon. We will continue to be the trusted and safe places that exist to make things better for everyone in our communities.

In my last blog, I wrote that nonprofits have a responsibility to mobilize in a nonpartisan way to encourage voter engagement. So often nonprofits frame our work as giving voice to the voiceless. 

In this election, voter turnout dropped from recent presidential elections – by more than 215,000 votes in Michigan. Many voters chose to sit out an ugly and negative contest, notably 30-44 year olds. Latinos and Asian-Americans increased their share of the vote. One in three reported that if they were contacted, the contact was made by a local community group, not a candidate - good work by nonprofits!

Over the next few weeks, MNA will analyze the proposed policies of President-elect Trump and the effects they may have on our beloved sector.  Strong and proactive advocacy is needed to keep our sector strong and prepared to meet the needs of our communities. If you want to support MNA’s public policy and advocacy work, please consider making a donation today.

No matter what your mission, you must also make civic engagement an essential part of your work because it helps to empower the people and communities we serve. Civic engagement - volunteer activity, private giving, and voting – all elevate our society. 

At this time of uncertainty, let's intentionally redirect our energy toward our most important work. We must stay the course to facilitate healing for our communities and a way forward for so many that rely upon our services.