Who We Are

Founded in 1990, Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to nonprofits and the communities they serve by promoting anti-racism and social justice. MNA is a statewide membership organization that achieves its mission through advocacy, training, technology services and civic engagement.

Membership is open to all Michigan nonprofit/tax-exempt organizations. For-profit businesses and government entities may join as affiliate members.


We are champions for strengthening nonprofits and the communities they serve by advancing collective power, knowledge, systems, and strategy.


Michigan Nonprofit Association will be the premier organization advancing the nonprofit sector in Michigan.


Our Core Values reflect who we are:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice: We place these values at the forefront of our work. We care because we have seen and felt the impact of injustice. We will continue our journey in earnest. 
  • Integrity: We refuse all costs to compromise our integrity. Nothing is more important than our high integrity.
  • Forward Thinking: We manage the constant tension of satisfying the here and now by staying ahead of the curve. We always want to know if what we are doing today is creating a better tomorrow. 
  • Excellence: We operate with the intention and energy of being excellent in everything we do. We will always make it a priority to reflect, retool and reimagine how we can be better.
  • Respect: We have respect for each other, our stakeholders, and the entire charitable sector. We value the opportunity to lean into acceptance. We will continue to take time to listen, learn, and grow.
  • Results Driven: We produce results. We are reliable and hold the trust of many stakeholders. We work hard to earn trust every day.
  • Relationships Focused: We take pride in nurturing our relationships. We recognize they have and will continue to be a key ingredient to our success.


Incorporated in 1990 as the Michigan Nonprofit Forum, the organization was first a think-tank dedicated to discussing issues impacting nonprofits. In 1994, the organization was renamed as the Michigan Nonprofit Association to provide direct advocacy and services to local nonprofit organizations.

Work With Us — Careers at MNA

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